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KN Sure - Cargo Insurance

Your cargo will always be protected. With KN Sure, you can sit back and relax knowing that your assets are protected against unpredictable events. As easy as choosing insurance according to your needs; SPOT, FLEX, FIX or PROTECT.

Your goods are the heart of your business. Do you worry about unpredictable circumstances, like theft or bad weather conditions, causing loss or damage to your shipment? We have the solution to your concerns: KN Sure.

Would you like to spend less time processing insurance for each shipment? Do you want to have more flexible insurance options that adapt to the demands of the market and most importantly, to your type of operation?

Every time a shipment is made, it has to be insured against the possible risks to which it may be exposed.
KN Sure applies the insurance automatically every time you make a shipment. We have facilitated the process to secure your cargo, eliminating all the complex procedures, so that you can dedicate your time to growing your business.

Developed by Kuehne+Nagel and Nacora International Insurance Brokers, KN Sure takes into account the frequency of your shipments, as well as your service requirements. We have coverage provided by leading insurance companies in the market; we offer door-to-door protection and deductibles lower to those of the market, calculated on the loss, which is equal to a greater economic recovery

Get to know our products and choose the right one for your type of operation.

Cargo insurance



Door-to-door protection of the transported cargo


Protection of buildings, production lines, machinery and invertory


Cargo Insurance:

  • SPOT: for specific shipments managed by Kuehne+Nagel
  • FLEX: covers recurring shipments managed by Kuehne+Nagel with a preferential rate.
  • FIX: covers all shipments, including those not handled by Kuehne+Nagel.
  • PROTECT: we protect the deductible amount that your corporate policy does not cover.


Protection of buildings, production lines, machinery, contents and inventories.

  • Hydro-meteorological damage
  • Fire, earthquake, lightning or explosion
  • Theft
  • RC (Civil Liability)
  • Extraordinary expenses

For KN Sure, protecting your cargo is important since exposure to risk can happen at any point in the supply chain, for any type of transport and on any route. We protect your cargo against the:

  • Total or partial theft
  • ROT (Ordinary Traffic Risks) for any means of transport
  • Loading and unloading maneuvers, among others

Benefits of choosing KN Sure, it will allow you to enjoy a full range of services and advantages:

  • We are specialists in cargo and business insurance
  • We have the integral solution to satisfy all your transportation and insurance needs
  • Simple invoicing and declaration thanks to your contract with Kuehne+Nagel, our premium is billed on the same invoice of your freight
  • Professional claims management with quick and easy payment
  • We have the backing of leading insurers in the market with global coverage and support.
  • We offer you time and cost savings in risk management

At Kuehne+Nagel, we understand that protecting your cargo from potential risks is your biggest priority, which is why our experienced professionals offer you KN Sure: cargo insurance solutions with coverage for the value of goods. 

Contact us today to find out more about our services.